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MINJI SWIM is like a RTW of Pool Wear so we call it Ready To PoolWear, RTPW

Story Behind the Brand

Minji moved to NYC for career in Finance after earning B.A. in Economics from Boston University. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with a rare type cancer, spindle cell sarcoma. MINJI SWIM was created during her supposedly last months. She is now a full time agency represented model, owner of businesses and author. Her businesses give back to cancer patients. Now, she aspires to fight for social injustice such as medical malpractice and more 


Minji's Personal Style Minji's Closet
Often most covered in the room yet the most eye catching by her style-understated simple designs made of quality fabric with delicate details. Just liker her personal style, sexiness and elegance co-exist in MINJI SWIM
  • cashmere, a pair of Italian pumps, a pair of Levis' jeans, a pair of white canvas sneakers, and her swimsuits.
  • Her belief: quality over quantity; garments are arts and should last a decade.



Ellements magazine (link)